What a Plonker!!

Sorry guys, no photos today!  I took a load of really sweet individual photos today, all ready to go on to these pages and what did I find when I downloaded the card – it wasn’t in the camera!!  It’s been a very trying afternoon which I’m putting down to delirium due to lack of sleep, although Shaun did volunteer to do the night shift last night, bless him – that’s probably why I’m not with it today, I’ve had too much sleep!!

I’ve had a lot of difficulty posting kennel photos on facebook so was at the point of throwing all computer-type appliances out of the window!  I promise I will do better tomorrow.

However – NEWS FLASH!!! – Rocky did very well yesterday and gained 40 grams, he’s going great guns.  The babies are all doing so well, or rather their mother is doing them so well, they are gaining weight in leaps and bounds and are getting strong on their wobbly legs.  The speed they whizz around their box is incredible for such babies.

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6 Responses to What a Plonker!!

  1. Judy Godfrey says:

    Thanks so much for all the pupdates, I really look forward to seeing how everyone is doing. Go Rocky !

  2. Aysha Day says:

    Amazing news on Rocky. Sounds like some have real amazing personalities already.

    • Towsers Admin says:

      We’re keeping our fingers crossed re Rocky. The vet thinks he has suffered a birth trauma, but not sure yet. The big test will come when they start taking on solid food. He is such a little fighter, he deserves every chance we can give him.

  3. Lisa says:

    Look forward to your updated can’t wait to meet them all

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