Rest In Peace Rocky

Today has been a day of extremes, a lovely video of all the little guys this morning, which I uploaded onto facebook and then the devastation of our darling little Rocky finally losing his hard fought battle to survive. He had been such a brave little warrior, trying his hardest to thrive and live and we battled day and night to keep him going.

Today, however, it was as if he said ‘I can’t do this any more’.  He hadn’t gained any more weight, after such a good day yesterday.  He was having, what looked to be like, mini seizures, he would try to suckle, go at it like crazy for a few seconds, then fall off and either curl himself into a little ball, or go rigid and shiver.  It was all too much and we couldn’t watch him suffer any longer, just for us to say we kept him alive.

Needless to say, I’m not posting any more photos today, we will, hopefully, be back to  (relative) normal tomorrow.

Rocky will be buried under the hydrangea bush, where his mother used to dig before the babies were born, so it has meaning for us all.  I shed a tear for you my darling little man, I only knew you for a brief time, but you were so well loved – rest easy beautiful Rocky.

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12 Responses to Rest In Peace Rocky

  1. Judy Godfrey says:

    So sorry, poor little man, it wasn’t meant to be, but he was so loved and cared for in his short time here, you did your very best for him. God bless, sleep well Rocky x

  2. Jenni Naylor says:

    Oh Sue, I am so sorry to read the news about Rocky, you tried so hard for him. Thinking of you all. Jenni x

    • Towsers Admin says:

      We did try Jenni, but he wasn’t thriving. How can you be so in love with such a wee scrap after only 7 days? Today has been a really hard day.

  3. Teresa tadd says:

    So sorry to hear about little Rocky he put up such a brave fight our thoughts are with you xx

  4. Sue Hambleton says:

    That’s really sad Sue – bless him xx

  5. Liz Hargreaves says:

    So very sorry to read this. It might only be a short time but you get so attached to them. You know you did all you could but sadly it just wasn’t meant to be. X

    • Towsers Admin says:

      He was a real little fighter Liz and thoroughly deserved the best shot we could give him. He was a special little man.

  6. Aysha Day says:

    Sorry to read this Sue. You tried your best and he fought a vallient fight. Rest in peace little man. I know three dogs, one cat and several hamsters waiting to meet you over the bridge.

    • Towsers Admin says:

      Bless you, that’s lovely. We did try our best and shed so many tears over the little chap, but we take comfort in the fact that he was probably in pain and although he was a real fighter, the fight was just too much for him.

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