Pupdate – week 2

We are now into week 2 and the little ones are growing fat, chunky and very contented, albeit very noisy, but that’s boys for you!  The photos today are of replete puppies after a mid morning feed, almost too full and sated to even move away from mum, they just curl up and fall asleep as they fall off her teats!

You can see with some that they eyes are beginning to show slits, meaning that they are forming under the lids ready to start opening in a few days time.  Red and Whites can be a bit longer than some dogs to open their eyes and ears, but around day 12 they should all be beginning to see and hear.  You will also notice that, rather than their ears being upwards on their heads as they were born, they have now flapped down into ‘proper’ Setter ears.

Little CeCe fallen asleep as she lay

CeCe just about replete!

Two brothers contentedly feeding

I’ve had enough!

Little moustache forming as the pigment darkens

Edmund fallen asleep where he lay!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Love the photos thank you for posting them

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