Pupdate – time wasters!

I don’t get anything done any more, goodness knows how we will even manage to eat once we have the babies out in the kitchen with us!  There has been extreme puppy cuddling going on today with Big Red and CeCe falling asleep in my arms – utter adoration on my part!

We are getting almost to cuteness overload and I’m in danger of taking way too many photos of more or less the same thing, I do hope you’re not getting bored! We have real walks now, tiny puppies finding their legs rather than splaying them out to the sides they are going in a straight line with tails held out in true setter fashion, but the minute I pick up the camera the moment has passed, however, have no fear, I WILL get one soon!

And a footnote – after I put Big Red down I noticed a big wee on my vest!  That’s boys for you!

Topped and tailed!

Big Red with his little pink tongue sticking out!

Total adoration

A jumble of contented puppies

My special little girl CeCe


Beautiful Hetty

Matt and Edmund cuddling

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4 Responses to Pupdate – time wasters!

  1. Judy Godfrey says:

    You can never put too many pics up for me, I am so jealous!!

  2. Hannah Grealish says:

    The pictures are great – keep them coming. I check everyday so I can see them! They are just so gorgeous.

    • Towsers Admin says:

      Lovely to hear from you Hannah and I’m so pleased the puppies are giving you so much pleasure. They are completely adorable, as all puppies are. We have little eyes open today so I shall try to get some more photos of them. xx

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