Pupdate – the four Musketeers!

Dog’tanian,  Panthos,  Aramutt and Pupthos have all been out in the big wide world today – well, the garden to be precise.  Just so we all know how grown up the little Musketeers now are, they followed us up the path into the garden!  They had a fabulous time playing hide and seek in amongst the camellia bush and around the cherry tree.  Then an exploratory foray into the big dog’s kennel – now that was fun because they could go in through one door and out through another!

Then they played chase with grandma Fleur and mummy, then went out into the other garden to play a bit of football, – like you do – lie under the May tree for a bit and then home again for a big drink of water and sleep!  Life can’t be bad really, can it?

Come on kids let’s go and play!

Now what can I find under here?

Breaking cover!

Here comes Robin!

Hello my beautiful boy!

Serious business this setting lark!

Stalking something interesting

And what can I do for you Spencer!

On the prowl!

Mummy and Spencer

Flying Spencer!

About to take off!

Handsome little man Edmund

Look at me move!

What a gorgeous face Red

How about a game of football, anyone?

Phew, I’m exhausted, I’ll just lie under this tree for a bit!

I’ll have the football then!

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2 Responses to Pupdate – the four Musketeers!

  1. Aysha Day says:

    They are growing in to such amazing pups. What a credit to the team.

    • Towsers Admin says:

      Thank you! The last four are more than ready to go now, they are outgrowing each other and need to start the next stage of their lives. We will be so sad to see them go but know they are all going to the best possible homes – what more can you ask?

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