Pupdate -Sunday morning

Sadly no Sunday lie-in!!  The little guys’ sense of smell is incredible, as soon as their mother is anywhere near they wake up from the deepest of sleeps and start creating a great deal of noise until Hetty goes in with them.  She is now spending more time away from them, they are very happy to have their tummies full to bursting and then just fall asleep wherever they lay.

Each day their hearing is getting more acute and when they hear either Shaun or my voices they start wriggling around, hoping that mum won’t be far away.  A couple of them are getting up onto their legs and doing weeble wobble walks, being a girl who gets on with things before her lazy brothers CeCe was the first to get mobile.  Now there is no stopping her!

Grubs up chaps!

Spencer having a word in his mother’s ear!

Mole snuggling into his sister

Edmund, full tummy zonked out!

Ready for lunch, anyone?

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