Pupdate plus more photos!!

I definitely had the card in the camera today and have managed some sweet little close ups.  These are sturdy babies and at their day 7 weigh in they are all gaining weight apace, with Mr Spencer adding 120 grams to his weight in 24 hours – obviously he must be first at the milk bar!  Even Mr Rocky had a fabulous day, gaining (what for it….) 85 grams, he came in joint second in the weight gain stakes, so a silver medal for our Rocky today!

Hetty is beginning to spend a bit more time away from them now and has decided that the bed I sleep on in her whelping room is the best place to be – thanks Hetty, maybe I’m supposed to sleep in the box with the babies!  She has been out in the field with the big dogs again and it is so lovely to see the other girls greeting her, tails wagging, much sniffing and circling and then all race off around the field together, whereas Jem (our boy), just yawns and says ‘oh, it’s you, you’re back – boring’!!  He’s such a boy!!

Enjoy the photos.

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