Pupdate – part 2

This is completely the wrong way around!  Ma should have called this Part 1 as it appears first on the website – heigh ho, can’t teach these humans anything!  Don’t forget to read part 1 after this one, as she has done two pupdates today, ‘cos she missed doing one yesterday.

These pictures are us looking cute and getting oh so grown up, they are going to miss us when we go so until them we will continue to look cute and cuddly for all our visitors while still managing to cause terror, disruption and mayhem to our humans!  (They love it really!!)

I don’t agree with a word you say!

Can I whisper in your ear Ma?

Can’t we come out there with you mummy?

Beautiful Hetty having some time out

A very alert Edmund

Mr Morse

CeCe and Matt

Smart little man Edmund

Yes? What do you want?

Let me have it!

Gundog CeCe

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