Pupdate – part 1

That naughty big Ma of ours didn’t do a pupdate yesterday, but she and big Da took loads of photos so we’ve jolly well told her she’s got to do two pupdates today  – she has reluctantly agreed.

We are eating them out of house and home – whatever that means – we love our grub, as we think you can see from the photos, we are certainly very chunky monkeys. Big Ma and Da weigh us every Friday on our weekly birthday and they think we might break the scales, personally we feel that is extremely rude.

Anyway enjoy part 1 of our photos, closely followed by part 2, although when they appear on the website part 2 will come first.  I give up, humans – haven’t got a clue!!

CeCe coming through

Don’t you wag your finger at me!


Come on, up you get

I CAN climb this mountain

See told you I could!!

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