Pupdate – oh no, the vet came……!

Well, what can we say, today has been a bit of a trial, the vet came and did unspeakable things to us but it all seemed to go ok.  Big Da was acting as a vet’s assistant while Ma took our photographs – a little bit embarrassing for some of my brothers but I didn’t mind at all as I didn’t get my Crown Jewels fiddled with!!

There seems to be a bit of a different feel to everyone today and brother Matt was taken out of our pen and allowed to run around with some new people who are going to take him away tomorrow.  Ma is getting a bit quiet and our mummy is following her everywhere, all very odd.

Robin getting once over

Excuse me, you don’t do that to a lady!

Spencer being checked at both ends! How very dare you!

Matt being a very good boy!

Big Red having his hips checked

Stand still Morse, cough please!

Good boy Edmund

Manners please, a very embarrassed Mole

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