Pupdate – new toy!

We had another very busy weekend with visitors every day, it really is quite exhausting!  But we must have been super good because we got this amazing, fab new toy this morning.  It’s brill, we can chase each other through it, we can fight inside it, we can chew it, we can pop up through the middle, we can lie on it and it collapses and then pops up again and, best of all, we can wee in it!!!

All our pictures today are of us playing in it at 8 o’clock this morning!

One sad note, big Ma asked me to mention that one of our brothers is still looking for his forever home, sadly the people who were going to have him have decided that the time isn’t right for them to have one of us – we are quite full on! – and so now the search is on again for another lovely family.

What on earth is this strange thing?

Get out of my way – puppy coming through!

You’re in my way Big Red

Robin in a whirlpool!

This is fun, watch it collapse!

I can head butt these sides – brill!

No CeCe, you’re supposed to be INSIDE


Hey, let’s hatch a plan, don’t let anyone hear!

Yes, what do you want?

No Edmund, you can’t drag it away!

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