Pupdate – more visitors!

Guess what?  We had visitors who flew all the way from Scotland to meet us, we must be very important for them to come all that way!  There were two girls who were just our size and we loved snuggling into them, one of us will be lucky enough to be able to go and live with them!

It was another very tiring day, so we had a good long sleep in the afternoon and then we had to help Big Da mend our pen, we’ve been managing to stage break outs during the night and ended up in the kitchen, so Big Da has re-inforced our pen – so not fair!

We love young visitors

Ellie and Hester cuddling puppies

Darling little man Matt

Matt, CeCe and Robin having a chat with mummy

It’s puppy pile time again!

Big Red, Mole and Spencer ‘helping’ big Da!

Mole is very interested in the electric drill!

Matt helping big Da tidy up

Budding apprentice!

Evening congregation on the steps

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