Pupdate – more visitors!

We have had such fun today, more visitors and the best of all – young people just like us! Tomorrow we will be 6 weeks old, we will probably celebrate by trashing our run again! Big Ma and Da have been trying to teach us to do our poos and wees on our puppy pads but we would much sooner rip them up and try to eat them, so now we have had them taken away – these grown ups are so not fun any more!

After our lovely visitors went home we were zonked and we fell asleep just where we happened to be – that’s the way we roll!

Morse in for the kill!

Courtdown fight club!

There are two boys somewhere under this puppy pile!

This is a great climbing frame!

Boys and puppies – a great combination!

You smell nice!

We sleep where we fall – amidst the carnage!!

And two sleepy bunnies have made it inside

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