Pupdate – it’s frog leg time!

Today everybody is feeling the heat, including some very fat puppies!  Life is hard when you are 10 days old and you’ve got a full belly, it’s virtually impossible to move very far!  Frog legs are the order of the day, which is quite handy as it means you can drag your tummy along and wee as you go – no effort required!

Robin is the big boy of the litter, he’s overtaken his brother Big Red, but they all chop and change as the days go by.  By and large they are all about the same, a very even bundle of gorgeousness!

Morse flat out!!

Robin flat out!

Mole lodged on mummy’s foot

Mole under mummy’s foot!

Dropped where they lay! Bottoms up!

Little black noses

Lovely boy head markings

Frog legs!

Semi frog legs!

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