Pupdate – I’m cheating!

Today the photos have been taken by some good friends who came to visit yesterday and who took far better pictures than I do, so I’m stealing them for today’s pupdate!

My goodness, how these babies grow!  They are now real little dogs now and so in need of moving on to the next phase of their lives with their new owners.  Tomorrow they will have their vet check to make sure all the bits they should have are there, and any bits that shouldn’t be there aren’t!  He will also listen to their hearts and check their bites. Will be reporting here tomorrow!

Sorry, this should have been posted yesterday and for some reason it didn’t upload!

Pretty little girl CeCe

Spencer looking alert1

Pretty boy Big Red

Hot dog!!

Mole with his toy

Spencer and Edmund


Two beautiful brothers

Big Red and Spencer

Lovely Edmund

Pretty boy!

Big feet!

What a beautiful head

Sweet Matt

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