Pupdate – garden playtime

Oh wow, have we just had the BEST fun ever?  Yes we have!! Big Ma and Da took us up to the Big Dogs’ garden to play.  We whizzed in and out of the bushes – they made lovely rustling noises when we ran under them – we dived in and out of their kennel, and dragged their bedding outside, we crunched over the gravel and we raced around the garden, where – apparently – it should be lovely green grass, but to us it felt like straw.  No matter, it was brilliant fun.  We had to stop for drinks and then grandma Fleur came in to play with us and mummy.  It was such fun, nice and cloudy so we didn’t overheat, but all too soon it was over and the Big Couple took us back into our own pen.

Actually we were pretty tired and we crashed out indoors in the cool on the cold floor -happy days!

Playing with mummy in the garden

Come on mum!

Come on kids, chase me!

Where do we go next? Such fun!

Watch out, here I come!!

Good smells around here

Hello Robin!

Noses to the ground

I wonder what I can find in here?

Yay, I’m first!

Bursting out of the undergrowth!

Come on, lets go back in again!

Coming through!

Hello sweetie!

What is this I see before me?

Lovely little Setter stride



Thirsty work!

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  1. Lisa says:

    Fantastic photos yet again

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