Pupdate – few individual photos

Little darlings are continuing to do so well, Master Robin always seems to top the league weight gain tables, sister CeCe isn’t far behind, she is going to be a very striking young lady.  Edmund lives up to his name, generally climbing on top of the pile to get to mummy’s milk bar and Mole is living up to him name as well by burrowing underneath everyone and popping up unexpectedly to an unsuspecting teat!

Such characters, Robin seems to be very forward, barking and playing.  Whenever there is a bit of puppy playtime going on Robin is generally in the midst of it all.  Matt and Mole are very laid back and super chilled most of the time, Big Red is such a gentle soul, he is going to have a kind and loving nature.  The boys are all generally very calm and gentle, whereas Miss CeCe is up first, inquisitive and active.


Big Red





A jumble of puppies

Another jumble of puppies

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  1. Sue Hambleton says:

    Beautiful puppies – growing so quickly

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