Pupdate – eyes open!!

Yes, we have eyes today, and what a difference it makes to their darling little faces, even more adorable than before – if that is at all possible.  Two lazy boys are still preferring to keep them shut – the big wide world can wait awhile for them, but CeCe and Mole were the first to open up, today just getting used to the light in this strange world but in a few days they will be wide open and seeing their mummy, rather than just smelling and sensing her, for the first time.  To start with their eyes will be blue, just like human babies but gradually over the weeks they will start to darken into the lovely dark brown we want them all to be.

As soon as they can see properly they will become more confident on their legs, already their play is getting more measured and choreographed rather than just stumbling around!

Two little piggies!

Come to mummy!

Hello world!

Little blue eyes

Big Red on the move

We are just SOOO full!

Robin relaxing

Spencer in the corner!

I think I could just squeeze another drop in!

Mountaineering over these legs has worn me out!

Think I’ll just have a rest here

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  1. Sue says:

    Lovely to see their little eyes open Sue. xx

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