Pupdate – complete mayhem today!

I’ve got my camera on completely the wrong setting!  Puppies have gone BERSERK tonight and I just couldn’t catch any photos without them being totally blurred, so don’t think I’ve had one too many gins tonight, it’s the little monkeys whizzing everywhere!

It’s been so hot again all day, they have had a sleepy, growing day and now it’s payback time!  They are getting so heavy – 5 week weigh in tomorrow and more portrait photos.

You’re such a long way up says CeCe

Spencer, CeCe and Mole

CeCe, Matt and Spencer – all complete blurs!

Morse in a moment of stillness!

Two blurs!

Robin and Mole

Come in mummy, please!

CeCe, Robin and Matt

Robin, Edmund and Matt

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