Pupdate – bye bye Robin

Our lovely boy Robin is making his way up to Nottingham as we speak.  Our little nest is feeling very small now, with just Big Red, Edmund and Spencer left.  For the first time today Hetty was very anxious when her boy went, I think she is beginning to realise they are all leaving her.

We will have some fun days planned for her after her last little boy leaves to take her mind off them.  She has been the most amazing mummy, she’s given her all to them and is left with absolutely no coat!  It’s a good job it’s summer otherwise she would have to wear a coat to keep warm – we’ve developed a new breed of dog called the Irish Red and White Hairless!!

How comfy is that Spencer?

Robin copying his brother!

I don’t think you are meant to have big Ma’s shoe Big Red!

Here you are Ma, see how good I am at retrieving!

Bye bye angel Robin, big Ma having a last cuddle

Over to you Sam and Jason, with Hetty keeping a watchful eye on proceedings

Ready for the journey, Hetty still watching

Be a good boy son, have a good life

No Hetty, you can’t go with him, this is a journey he has to take on his own

Love you angel xxx

Where’s my boy going?

The rest of the family saying goodbye

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