Pupdate – another tough day at the coal face!

We are such busy people, work, work, work all day long and then we sleep……! Grandma Fleur gave us a clean up, one of my brothers decided he wanted to take our milk bowl outside, even though we were all quite happy with it inside. Another of my brothers was so tired after such a hard day that he fell asleep in the corner of our bed in, what I feel, was a very stupid position – but that’s boys for you!!

We had more visitors this afternoon and our brother Spencer has found his forever mummy and daddy – I think they were quite happy as Spencer put on his very best manners giving them both licks and kisses!

I suppose it won’t be long before we all go our separate ways and we will forget all about our happy, carefree days with mummy, Grandma Fleur, great Grandma Dawn, great Grandad Jem, Big Ma and Big Da, but I doubt they’ll ever forget us!!!

How comfortable is this? Not!!

Let me outta here!!

These toys are mine – all mine!!

Morse on a mission

Spencer on another mission..

Grandma Fleur cleaning up the babies, watched by mummy

We love our grandma

I want my milk bowl outside please!

Matt fast asleep in the shade

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2 Responses to Pupdate – another tough day at the coal face!

  1. Aysha Day says:

    Such stunning pictures. Where has the time gone. Can’t wait to see them

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