Pupdate – and then there were none!

Well, that day we dreaded has finally come – the last little man to leave the nest started his long journey up to Tyneside this morning.  He had a lovely couple of hours playing with mummy and grandma before he left, we took down all the barriers so he was free to run around the patio, in and out of the kitchen and out into the yard.  He loved the freedom and raced around non-stop, followed by mummy.  When she got a bit too rough he took shelter in the bed in front of the Aga with grandma!

It has been such a joy watching this beautiful litter of puppies grow into the gorgeous young dogs they are becoming and we hope we will always be in touch with their new owners so we can watch over their development.  We’ve had so much fun with the little monsters, they’ve made us laugh and they’ve made us cry – we will always have our little Rocky with us who tried so hard to survive, but he just wasn’t strong enough – and the weeks now seem like nothing.  Today we have scrubbed the kitchen from top to bottom (and boy, did it need it!!), our home is back to normal again, Jem will be thrilled to have his armchair back – he has felt very deprived for the last 8 weeks!

We will sign off now with the last few pictures of young Edmund beginning his journey, we hope you have all enjoyed watching their progress as much as I have enjoyed recording it for you.

Live happy, live well, be loved and cherished – our precious babies, love you always  from Big Ma and Da xxxxx

Big boy Edmund in big dogs’ bed

I’m safe here with grandma

Oh no, not another wash, aren’t I clean enough?

Get off grandma!


Come on mum, chase me!

Big Da and his boy

Lovely licks and kisses for Big Ma x

He’s still MY boy

Such a handsome boy Edmund

Over to your new daddy

New mummy wants a cuddle too!

Hetty and her boy xx

Mummy, grandma and great grandma all alone now

Puppies? What puppies?
Was it all a dream………?

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2 Responses to Pupdate – and then there were none!

  1. Lisa says:

    Rufus will def stay in touch thank you for all of your advice and support and for bringing us our new boy xx

    • Towsers Admin says:

      We love to think that all our babies have found wonderful homes and we will really look forward to watching Rufus and the rest of the gang grow up. xx

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