Pupdate – a bittersweet day for us

Saturday 28th July – the day that our sister and one of our brothers left home to start their great big life adventure.  Big Ma was very sad, she cried when our brother Matt was the first to leave us, but we all know he is going to be worshipped and adored – as is only right for all of us! – then our sister CeCe left as well.  She isn’t going so far away so Ma wasn’t as bad when she left because she knows she will see her again, but we won’t.  It is the last time we will see our sister and our brother, so we are feeling a little bit small and anxious.

Our mummy gave them both a good clean up before they left and a play in the kitchen.  She watched them leave and knows they will be very well loved.

We wonder who’s next………?

Matt with his new mummy and daddy

By bye Big Ma – I promise to write!

Now you be a god boy and have a fantastic life xx

Over to you Don!

Now then son, let’s make sure you are clean before you go!

And then there were 7

Now it’s your turn CeCe

Bye bye precious little girl

Over to new mummy Becky

Ready for a new adventure

A look of complete adoration from new mummy

Now comes the scary bit in the car!

And then there were 6

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