Pupdate – 6 weeks today

What a day we had today, we’ve decided we don’t like eating in individual bowls so we’re back in our communal bowl.  Big Ma says anything for a quiet life and we are now crunching our biscuits without them being soaked – how grown up is that?

We had more visitors today and, as usual we behaved impeccably!  We had our 6 week weigh in – all over 4 kilos and Big Ma did some more side stacks, which she is adding to this blog.  Then we had our worming treatment and after tea some of us made a break for freedom and ended up on the lawn!!  It was the best fun, but big Ma and Da spoiled our fun and whisked us back into our pen – we were not happy and have spent some time crying.  Once we’ve tasted freedom we don’t like to be enclosed!!  Its all in a day’s fun here in the fun factory!





Big Red




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