I know there are quite a few people who read these blogs who are waiting for news of Fleur’s mating and (hopefully) puppies in the New Year.  Fleur came into season last week, which was earlier than expected, but as we have a change in circumstances in the offing early in 2017 we decided that now would not be a good time to have a litter of young puppies in the house, so are going to wait for her second litter from her season due in the summer of 2017.  It will be easier for us and Fleur to have puppies around in the summer.

Anyone who would like to remain on our list, please do get in touch and we will keep your enquiry on hold.

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  1. Bob Knapton (Rojenste) says:

    Hi Sue, We are still very interested in having a puppy from the 2017 litter if this on the cards preferably a bitch that I can train on for obedience, (as I have found them to be more responsive, but then if one is prepared to put in the ground work you can do most things)

    • Towsers Admin says:

      Hi Bob, Yes we are happy to keep you on our books for the next season, some time in the summer, which will be much nicer for Fleur, the puppies and us!

      • Bob Knapton (Rojenste) says:

        Hi Sue, is there any more news yet. it seems as if it is Xmas with the expectation, but I guess no news will be forth coming which is a shame.

        • Towsers Admin says:

          Hi Bob. No sadly Fleur has still not come into season, it’s getting very close to her 8th birthday now, so it doesn’t look as though she will be having another litter. We are getting Hetty’s hips scored (Fleur’s daughter) this summer, with the view to looking towards a litter from her later next year. We are really disappointed as we were hoping to keep another Fleur daughter ourselves, but it looks as though thats not to be. So sorry.

  2. Sally Wright says:

    Hello, I left a message earlier today on your answer phone, sorry a bit garbled- not good with answerphones! Just to confirm we are still interested in having a puppy from Fleurs litter in 2017. As discussed in August, if possible we would still like to visit sometime please, at a time to suit you.

    • Towsers Admin says:

      Hi Sally, happy to keep you on our books for a puppy from Fleur next summer. Keep an eye on our website blog pages for further news nearer the time. Give us a call in the Spring to arrange a day to pop over. Am I right in thinking you are from South Devon?

      • Sally Wright says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply, we live in mid devon, a village not far from J27 of the M5. We will keep an eye to the blog for news and have made a note to call in the spring.

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