10 days to go and counting!

With about 10 days to go Hetty is beginning to find the heat a bit trying and assumes her position of choice wherever she can find a shady spot!  Her whelping bed is ready, with copious towels, newspaper and kitchen roll at the ready.  We take her into her nursery most days so she can get used to where she will (hopefully) give birth and look after her babies for the first two weeks of their life, before eyes and ears are open and they come into the kitchen to join us all and get used to the daily sounds and sights of living.

Summer in full swing at Towsers

Once again summer has rushed up to meet us and with a full kennel since May we will soon find ourselves heading full tilt for Autumn again!

As usual we have so many familiar faces staying with us whilst their owners enjoy their own holidays.  Much fun has been had by everyone, making the most of the freedom of our safe fields and play paddocks.  Some of our guests prefer a bit of solitude so they just mooch around at their own pace, lying under a tree, having a cuddle with one of us, or just watching the world go by, whilst others have the best of fun renewing acquaintances from previous visits or forming new friendships, playing in the sandpit with favourite toys – or each other! – or racing around the trees in the field.

A holiday here at Towsers is always enjoyable and our guests look forward to going home happy and tired, dreaming of the fun and friends they have made…………

Another season over

We waved goodbye to our last Christmas/New Year guests and closed the gates until Friday 3rd February.  It has been another busy season and now the hard work starts cleaning, painting and repairing any damage done over the past year to kennels, runs, bedrooms, paddocks and grounds!  All ready to do it all again in a month’s time!

I think I have probably given out the wrong information about our opening dates, mistakenly I thought we were re-opening on Monday 6th February, but it is in fact Friday 3rd!  We are here throughout the month for booking enquiries, so do please give us a call if you have your holiday dates already planned.  If you get our answerphone we will get back to you asap.

In the meantime a happy and healthy 2017 to everyone and look forward to seeing you again and to welcoming new customers.

Happy Christmas!!!

We would like to wish all our customers a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2017.

Thank you all for your continued support of all we do here at Towsers to make your treasured family member have as an enjoyable holiday with us as you are having.  We look forward to welcoming you again to Towsers in 2017 and to introducing new customers and friends to the kennels.

Happy Dogs at Towsers



We have had such a busy start to the year and have sorely neglected posting photos on this page, but hopefully I shall partly rectify that now by putting on just a small sample of happy dogs enjoying their holidays here with us.

For those of you who follow Facebook, we also have a Facebook page where there are many more photos of our guests.  Simply look for Towsers Kennels in Facebook and ‘like’ our page to follow us there!


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A New Season about to begin

2015 was such a busy year for us here at Towsers, with so many old friends coming back to visit us for their holidays.  We have also been delighted to welcome some lovely new boarders, who we hope, will become good friends and regulars over the years to come.

We never stand still in kennels and during our annual 4 week closure we have been busy repainting, re-plumbing and doing all the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs that no one really sees, but ones that are vital for the smooth running of the kennels and for our treasured guests’ comfort.  When we re-open on 10th February we are looking forward to getting straight back into the full swing of business, with our kennels full for the half term break.

I’m sure our regulars will be delighted to know that we are holding our prices again for the second year in a row, so the prices listed on the website are current for 2016.  We appreciate that sometimes finances can be stretched to look after your dogs whilst you enjoy your annual holiday, so we felt it only fair that we keep things on an even keel for at least another 12 months.

September saw a lovely litter of puppies from our Fleur, they have all gone to their new homes and are being a delight and an exasperation in equal measure to their new owners!  We kept a little girl, who we have named Hetty and she is such a monkey.  She has just started her ringcraft training and we hope to get out and about to some shows with her and her mummy later in the Spring.

Once again, we thank you all for your continued support and look forward to welcoming friends new and old in 2016.


At last! More puppy pictures and up-date

I’ve been very lax in supplying the website with pictures of the ‘gang’, but we’ve changed computer systems and I have yet to discover how to reduce the pixels on photos to enable me to upload them onto the website.

Anyway, enough of that, puppies are nearly 6 weeks old now and are such fun.  They are constantly on the go, wrestling, playing, nipping, chasing, eating us out of house and home and then suddenly – sleep!

Everyone has found a forever home and they will start disappearing in a couple of weeks.  Where has that time gone?  It seems like only yesterday they were helpless little slugs reliant on their mum for everything, now they will going off into the big wide world to lead joyful lives, bringing entertainment and love to their new mummies and daddies – we will miss them dreadfully, as we always do with all our babies.

We have enforced Fleur’s separation from them for the past three days, so that they won’t pine for her when they leave and also so that her milk starts to dry up.  She has so much milk, at the moment she’s leaking everywhere and must be extremely uncomfortable, but hopefully it will start to reduce in a few days.  Half sister Flick has also been acting as a wet nurse and thinks they are her puppies!  To the extent that she too produced milk for them! They have been extremely lucky little babies, having two ‘mums’ to care for their every need, and of course, grandma Dawn is also on hand to watch over their upbringing!

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