What a Plonker!!

Sorry guys, no photos today!  I took a load of really sweet individual photos today, all ready to go on to these pages and what did I find when I downloaded the card – it wasn’t in the camera!!  It’s been a very trying afternoon which I’m putting down to delirium due to lack of sleep, although Shaun did volunteer to do the night shift last night, bless him – that’s probably why I’m not with it today, I’ve had too much sleep!!

I’ve had a lot of difficulty posting kennel photos on facebook so was at the point of throwing all computer-type appliances out of the window!  I promise I will do better tomorrow.

However – NEWS FLASH!!! – Rocky did very well yesterday and gained 40 grams, he’s going great guns.  The babies are all doing so well, or rather their mother is doing them so well, they are gaining weight in leaps and bounds and are getting strong on their wobbly legs.  The speed they whizz around their box is incredible for such babies.

We have Puppies!!!

We are the proud (grandparents?) of 9 beautiful puppies, 8 dogs and 1 lonely little girl!  No doubt she’ll be a feisty little madam and keep the boys in check!  Mum and babies are all doing so well, we are very proud of our darling Hetty, she did a stirling job.  It all started at 4.30 a.m. yesterday morning – 1st June – she had three puppies within an hour and a half, then another three by 7.15 a.m. Everything stopped then but we knew there were more to come and not wanting to leave puppies in the birth canal for too long we asked our vet to come out at 10.30 to give her an oxytocin injection.  She immediately had another boy, making 7, then we waited for an hour and an eighth boy slid into the world.  Nothing more and time went on but she still hadn’t passed the complete afterbirth which comes at the end of birthing. Then at 2.30 p.m. she delivered her afterbirth and followed it immediately with her ninth boy!!  I was concerned that he might not be viable, but no, he was as sturdy as all the rest, not one puppy weighing under a pound, that’s aprox 500 grams in new money!  It’s no wonder she was so big, carrying around such monsters!

We had a really good night, I will sleep with her until I’m confident she will be okay and not lie on anyone, although she is being so careful, she treads so lightly around the box, making sure no one is under her feet, and when she lies down, she goes down so slowly with with such extreme care, it brings a tear to my ear – mind you, I am sleep deprived!!

Here is a photo of the whole litter taken just after the last puppy was born.

Proud mummy Hetty with her 8 boys and 1 girl

Hetty and Flynn are expecting!

Great news, our little Hetty (Courtdown Star of Devon) is expecting her first litter of puppies, due on 2/3 June to Flynn (Sh. Ch. Courtdown Finnians Rainbow)

Hetty was scanned this morning and looks to be carrying at least 8 puppies, so we have busy times ahead.  We will keep posts up to date with her progress and photos on these pages.  So far, she is looking so well, a lovely glossy coat and shining eyes – she definitely thinks she has a secret!  Today is incredibly hot and she’s taken to the shade along with the others.  As I write this she is laying behind me in a very cool dining-room.

Attached are a couple of photos of her exceedingly handsome ‘husband’ and a couple of Hetty.

Handsome boy Flynn – Sh. Ch. Courtdown Finnians Rainbow

Our Hetty – Courtdown Star of Devon