I know there are quite a few people who read these blogs who are waiting for news of Fleur’s mating and (hopefully) puppies in the New Year.  Fleur came into season last week, which was earlier than expected, but as we have a change in circumstances in the offing early in 2017 we decided that now would not be a good time to have a litter of young puppies in the house, so are going to wait for her second litter from her season due in the summer of 2017.  It will be easier for us and Fleur to have puppies around in the summer.

Anyone who would like to remain on our list, please do get in touch and we will keep your enquiry on hold.

Hetty’s first show

The first outdoor show of the season is the West of England Ladies Kennel Society or WELKS for short at the Three Counties Showground at Malvern, and it was Hetty’s first Championship Show.  So we set off early on the Friday morning as judging was due to start for the dogs at 9 a.m. sharp.  Hetty had had a bath and trim up in readiness as had her mother Fleur for Fleur’s first Championship Show in nearly a year.

Hetty travelled reasonably well considering she really doesn’t like the car, we had copious drooling but no sick, due to a half a stugeron tablet taken the night before.

It was lovely to see one of Hetty’s sisters there, they had a high old time playing with each other and found it hard to concentrate in their class – Puppy Bitch.  They loved it, behaved beautifully all day and ended up with Purdy taking 2nd in the class and Hetty taking 3rd, so both sisters have qualified already for Crufts 2017 at their first show!

Fleur went into the ‘top’ class, Open Bitch, which she won and then went on to take the Bitch title, adding another Challenge Certificate to her tally, not bad for her first show since having her babies!  We all had a lovely morning, came home tired and fulfilled, now we are looking forward to the next show which will be Bath on 28th May – watch this space…..!

Here are a few photos of their day.

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5 days old and as cute as buttons!

Oh my goodness, such time wasters!  Our little slugs are filling out well and dragging themselves around their bad like lightening!  Flour is getting very tired, she has fed them non-stop since Sunday, so I took her to the vet yesterday for her post puppy check up and they gave her a vitamin injection to boost her.  She’s much brighter today and has had a lovely walk around the field with me.  Here are a few photos of the ‘gang’ – enjoy!!

Unfortunately I’m having trouble uploading photos to this site at the moment so there are only a couple to see!  Hopefully I’ll get to the bottom of this and will be able to get more photos up soon.


9 Puppies all safe and sound

Fleur had her puppies yesterday after quite an eventful day when we thought she might lose one due to a placental abruption, she was rushed into the vet for an emergency cesarean.  We then had to leave her and wait for their call, so as you can imagine, we were on tenterhooks till the phone rang at about 8.15 p.m. and we were told that they had managed to save all the puppies, the first two were both in a bit of distress and they had to work hard to bring them around, but they saved them and we brought mum and babies home at 9 p.m.  We have 5 little girls and 4 boys.  They are very vocal and wriggle around all over the place, so now our fun begins!  Whenever time allows I’ll try to post more pictures and updates.IMG_5153 IMG_5182 IMG_5181

Fleur is in whelp!

Happy days!! We decided in the end that we would have Fleur scanned and found a wonderful lady from Holsworthy who comes to the house to do the scanning, so no worrying trip to the vet and the quite rough way that vets scan.  Fleur didn’t even know she was doing anything to her and immediately we saw quite a few little ‘jelly babies’!

She doesn’t predict how many pups are likely to be born as anything can happen between now and the six week time when the little feotus can be re-absorbed, but she was confident that there will be more than six puppies.  Even we could see that she’s carrying quite a few.

So, it’s a question of ‘watch this space’ now for the next few weeks, with puppies due on 23rd September.  The first picture is Fleur and the other three are her ‘nutty husband’, who really doesn’t do posing, but his mummy says she will TRY to get some decent photos of him!  He is rather handsome and a worthy Show Champion, so we’re hoping for some very nice puppies.  His name is Bailey – Sh. Ch. Zymore Irish Cream

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Bye bye our precious little man

Our darling little Toddie flew his nest yesterday, away to pastures new, north of Bristol.  At times we’ve pulled our hair out, gnashed our teeth and wilted with exhaustion, keeping a singleton male puppy amused, occupied, and learning manners, but it was all worth it in the end to see this beautiful young man stepping out into the next adventure in his life.

We wish him and his new mummy and daddy all the love and luck in the world and can’t wait to see him again at 6 months old, at his first show.

Our fondest love goes with you, darling little man, grow strong, be happy and remember how much we love you. xxxxx

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Todd – 7 weeks old

I can’t believe how time has whizzed by, our little Todd is not so little any more!  He is growing into a sturdy, beautifully proportioned young man with bags of character.  He has such a happy nature, knows his own mind and is very content in his own company, as long as he is surrounded by his ‘siblings’ – his cuddlies!  When he leaves us next week he will be taking quite a few of his cuddlies with him to help him settle in at his new home, but I know his new mummy and daddy are going to adore him and worship at the alter of Todd, as we have done for the past seven weeks!

7 weeks old (3) 7 week stacks (3) 7 week stacks (1) Playing rough with mummy and Grandma (2) I'll just lie here...... Basset hound! Exploring with mummy (8)