Day 5 – Todd’s life story

Well, our little man is 5 days old today and he is changing so much day by day.  Weighing in this morning at 2lb 2ozs he is growing steadily and well.  In the photo of his face you will notice that his nose pigment is beginning to come in – red and white setters are not born with nose pigment, it begins to come in any time from 5 days old – you can notice a faint outline of his nose and a little tiny dot right in the middle.  On the side of his left nostril a small freckle is beginning to appear, again they have no freckling on their muzzles or their legs, so day by day we are seeing these small changes as he begins to mature.  Obviously his ears and eyes are still tight shut but again, we can begin to see eye movement behind the lids.

He whizzes around his box, bearing in mind that it is 4ft in length he motors from side to side at an alarming rate, looking for his cuddlies.  If Todd is on one side of the box and his cuddlies are on the other it’s not long before he’s sussed that out and found his way across to them!

The milk bar is in constant use and boy, is he noisy, he has no table manners as yet, but he is so cute he’s forgiven anything!  When he wants mum he barks until she listens and snuggles down with him, all in all, he is a total time waster and a constant delight to Day 5 (1)us all.Day 5 (3)

Day 3 – Spot the puppy

I nearly had a heart attack!  Flick wanted to go out for a run around the field on this beautiful morning, and when I went to get her, Todd was no where to be seen!! Then I spotted the little chap, snuggled into his ‘brothers and sisters’, just so cute, he wriggles his way into the midst of all the soft toys we have put in his bed and I’m sure he thinks they are his siblings!

Day 3 - spot the puppy (2) Day 3 - spot the puppy (1)

Welcome to the world Todd!

Well, what a night we had on Sunday – Mothering Sunday to be precise!  Flick was restless all evening and eventually at 9.15 p.m. she gave birth to an enormous puppy, weighing in at 1lb 4 oz, – a normal birth weight for an IRWS is around the 12 – 14 oz mark, so as you can imagine, it made her eyes water!  Then we waited, and waited, and waited, midnight came and went, no more puppies, 2 a.m. came and went, no more puppies.  Eventually at about 2.30 I called the vet who said ‘bring her in’, so off we go, little Todd wrapped in a blanket with a hot water bottle.  Flick is shaved and scanned to reveal………… nothing! No more puppies – what a surprise!
Anyway, home we came at about 4 a.m. absolutely shattered with our precious little bundle.  Flick is a doting and devoted mummy, as you can see from the pictures.  Todd is going to be one very spoilt and much loved baby.

Day 2 (1) I'll guard you son Clever girl Mummy's precious bundle (1) Mummy's precious bundle (2)

Yet more CCs for Fleur!

Oh my goodness, how proud is our beautiful girlie Fleur making us this year?  After winning Gundog Group 3 earlier in the year she seems to have gone from strength to strength.  At The Welsh Kennel Club show under Patsy Hollings she gained another CC and was Best of Breed again, then at South Wales Kennel Association, under Keith Young, yet another CC and Best of Breed, followed four days later at Gundog Society of Wales, another CC under Frank Kane.  My goodness, what a year!  She’s getting a well deserved rest now, time to chill out, get dirty and have some fun!!


South Wales Kennel Association BCC and BOB

South Wales Kennel Association BCC and BOB

Gundog Society of Wales BCC

Gundog Society of Wales

Fleur and Dawn relaxing

Fleur and Dawn relaxing

Taniswod Dirty Dancer at Courtdown (Jem). Halfway Leader of Top Stud Competition

Our beautiful boy Jem has just earned his pace as the Top Irish Red and White Setter Stud Dog at the halfway point in the Dog World Top Stud Competition for 2014.  He is such a delight to own, the most gentle of giants, strong, solid and loving, he adores his ‘girls’ and is a benign leader of his pack.

He has proved a wonderful stud dog, without a hint of bad temper, he is courteous and businesslike with his ‘ladies’ and has thrown excellent puppies in all his litters.

We are hoping that he and our little Flick – Courtdown Felicia Fredrika – will become proud parents next year.

72a 073 041060

Sh. Ch. Courtdown Beautiful Dancer – Gundog Group 3!!!

Oh my goodness, we are still in shock, our lovely Fleur took Group 3 in the Gundog Group last weekend at the Three Counties Championship Show.  It was such a long day and we so nearly didn’t stay for the Group, as the Breed judging was finished by 1.30, but in a minority breed it s always good to represent the breed at Group level.

We were so lucky with the weather, as rain threatened all day but we managed to have all the breeds judged outside on the lovely Malvern showground, however just before the Group was called, the Heavens opened so we had to adjourn to the agricultural sheds.

We finally got into the Group ring at about 5.30 p.m., and our judge – Mrs Julia Iles-Hibbert – set about judging all the Best of Breed winners at a good pace.  We were thrilled when she pulled us out into the final  8 dogs, for her further consideration, then – oh goodness, we were pulled out third in the Group!!  We were jumping around for joy, it is so rare that an Irish Red and White Setter gets a Group placing, and it is usually a dog, not a bitch, so double celebrations!

We finally got home at about 9 p.m., totally exhausted but still floating on a cloud and Fleur had a long drink of water and then took off around the field with the rest of her gang, checking for pheasant activity in her absence!!

What an amazing day, one we will never forget!

IMG_5494 83a 50a 048a

Jem’s girls do it again.

Well, after our youngest Show Champion Fleur (Sh. Ch. Courtdown Beautiful Dancer) gained her fourth CC and Best of Breed at WELKS in April, a couple of weeks later her half sister Corranroo Cruz, bred and owned by Jacque Bayne,  gained her second CC at SKC and last Saturday saw Gemma Hawkins with her young Corranroo bitch (half sister again) being awarded Best Bitch and Best of Breed at Bath and Suzanne Humphries young Spyefire bitch (also a half sister to Fleur)  gaining her Reserve Best Bitch award.

All these lovely ladies are sired by our Jem – Taniswood Dirty Dancer at Courtdown – an excellent start to the year for his progeny, let’s hope it carries on through the year and we wish all the best to all his daughters.

Sh. Ch. Corranroo Celtic Breeze over Courtdown Sh.CM – our darling Lily

Yesterday was the hardest day as we had to say good bye to our beautiful, darling girl – Lily.  She had been developing inoperable mammary tumours for nearly a year and we knew the day was coming, but she kept bright and cheerful with her love for life right up to the end, when we knew her time had come.

Lily didn’t have a mean bone in her body, her tail was always wagging, she was everyone’s best friend.  She loved showing and was at her happiest in and around a show ring with Sue, greeting her public as she felt was her right.  Everyone who knew Lily couldn’t fail to be charmed by her sweet nature.  Her fans adored her.

She gave us just one beautiful litter of puppies, who we keep in touch with throughout their lives, and they are treasured and well loved pets.  Just two girlies from that litter went into the show ring, one our girl Dawn – Sh. Ch. Courtdown Beautiful Dawn – and the other Bree, owned by Ray and Debbie McDonald – Sh. Ch. Courtdown Summer Breeze over Roanjora.

She certainly kept a very close eye on her daughter Dawn’s two litters, making sure Dawn was ‘doing it right’ and stepping in with the children, as any doting grandma would.

She was always the matriach of the pack, never having to chastise as everyone knew their place.  They will now have to shuffle and re-group as they, and we, come to terms with the loss of our beautiful girl.

Yesterday the sun shone brightly all day and Lily lay in her favourite bed in the sunshine surrounded by her loving family as she was gently sent over the rainbow bridge to join our darling Finn and her mother Mandy who were waiting for her with open paws – sleep well, run free,  our darling girl.

Lilly head 1 Taunton June 2004 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IRWS 045 IRWS 072 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Love me please Very proud breeder and Mummy 2005 BCC Sh.Ch.Corranroo Celtic Breeze over Courtdown 2005OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Congratulations Amanda – Int. Sh. Ch. Courtdown Dancing Queen

Amanda and the girls 1 day old  the boysperfect ten




Congratulations to Kati and Amanda on a perfect 10! Amanda’s 5 girls and 5 boys were born on 15th November, mother and babies all doing well, strong beautifully marked puppies.  We wish you  long and happy lives little babies.

With love from all your family here at Courtdown.

P.S. Dawn and Jem are particularly proud of their daughter  xxx