And then there were 8!

After much huffing and puffing all day on Sunday Sue took Dawn to the vet on Monday morning where she had a cesarean section, resulting in 8 lovely puppies – 7 dogs and 1 bitch!  They are big, healthy puppies, averaging 17oz at birth and parat from my little baby girl, who seems quite small at 12 oz, although even that is a good size for a setter puppy.  Dawn is doing them really well, they are constanly on their 8 stools at the milk bar and Dawn has already drunk over 4 litres of Goats milk in 24 hours!

Not much sleep for Sue last night on constant puppy watch!

Any Day Now………

Today (Friday 19th October) Dawn decided to throw us into panic by starting to nest!  She isn’t due to whelp until next week, but after breakfast she disappeared into the spare bedroom and started to dig her way through to Australia.  After about half an hour she stopped, looked at me and said she wanted to go outside!  Now I know this was just a ruse to stop me going to visit Suzanne’s pups as I was all set and ready to go out the door!  Naughty girl!