At last! More puppy pictures and up-date

I’ve been very lax in supplying the website with pictures of the ‘gang’, but we’ve changed computer systems and I have yet to discover how to reduce the pixels on photos to enable me to upload them onto the website.

Anyway, enough of that, puppies are nearly 6 weeks old now and are such fun.  They are constantly on the go, wrestling, playing, nipping, chasing, eating us out of house and home and then suddenly – sleep!

Everyone has found a forever home and they will start disappearing in a couple of weeks.  Where has that time gone?  It seems like only yesterday they were helpless little slugs reliant on their mum for everything, now they will going off into the big wide world to lead joyful lives, bringing entertainment and love to their new mummies and daddies – we will miss them dreadfully, as we always do with all our babies.

We have enforced Fleur’s separation from them for the past three days, so that they won’t pine for her when they leave and also so that her milk starts to dry up.  She has so much milk, at the moment she’s leaking everywhere and must be extremely uncomfortable, but hopefully it will start to reduce in a few days.  Half sister Flick has also been acting as a wet nurse and thinks they are her puppies!  To the extent that she too produced milk for them! They have been extremely lucky little babies, having two ‘mums’ to care for their every need, and of course, grandma Dawn is also on hand to watch over their upbringing!

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