10 days to go and counting!

With about 10 days to go Hetty is beginning to find the heat a bit trying and assumes her position of choice wherever she can find a shady spot!  Her whelping bed is ready, with copious towels, newspaper and kitchen roll at the ready.  We take her into her nursery most days so she can get used to where she will (hopefully) give birth and look after her babies for the first two weeks of their life, before eyes and ears are open and they come into the kitchen to join us all and get used to the daily sounds and sights of living.

Hetty and Flynn are expecting!

Great news, our little Hetty (Courtdown Star of Devon) is expecting her first litter of puppies, due on 2/3 June to Flynn (Sh. Ch. Courtdown Finnians Rainbow)

Hetty was scanned this morning and looks to be carrying at least 8 puppies, so we have busy times ahead.  We will keep posts up to date with her progress and photos on these pages.  So far, she is looking so well, a lovely glossy coat and shining eyes – she definitely thinks she has a secret!  Today is incredibly hot and she’s taken to the shade along with the others.  As I write this she is laying behind me in a very cool dining-room.

Attached are a couple of photos of her exceedingly handsome ‘husband’ and a couple of Hetty.

Handsome boy Flynn – Sh. Ch. Courtdown Finnians Rainbow

Our Hetty – Courtdown Star of Devon