A New Season about to begin

2015 was such a busy year for us here at Towsers, with so many old friends coming back to visit us for their holidays.  We have also been delighted to welcome some lovely new boarders, who we hope, will become good friends and regulars over the years to come.

We never stand still in kennels and during our annual 4 week closure we have been busy repainting, re-plumbing and doing all the ‘behind the scenes’ jobs that no one really sees, but ones that are vital for the smooth running of the kennels and for our treasured guests’ comfort.  When we re-open on 10th February we are looking forward to getting straight back into the full swing of business, with our kennels full for the half term break.

I’m sure our regulars will be delighted to know that we are holding our prices again for the second year in a row, so the prices listed on the website are current for 2016.  We appreciate that sometimes finances can be stretched to look after your dogs whilst you enjoy your annual holiday, so we felt it only fair that we keep things on an even keel for at least another 12 months.

September saw a lovely litter of puppies from our Fleur, they have all gone to their new homes and are being a delight and an exasperation in equal measure to their new owners!  We kept a little girl, who we have named Hetty and she is such a monkey.  She has just started her ringcraft training and we hope to get out and about to some shows with her and her mummy later in the Spring.

Once again, we thank you all for your continued support and look forward to welcoming friends new and old in 2016.