Two weeks old today!

Little Todd has hit his milestone 2 week old birthday!!  He celebrated by opening his eyes yesterday and today the shuffle around his box has turned into an unsteady, wobbly little walk!  His ears are opening as well and he looks up when we go into his room and sometimes gives a wuffly little bark!  He’s too adorable for words.

I’ve desperately tried to get some photos with his eyes open, but it’s very early days and at the moment he spends most of his time when his mummy isn’t around, asleep!

Anyway, happy birthday my treasure, here are two more pictures to celebrate your birthday.

004 002

Happy one week old birthday Todd!

Our little man is one week old today and to celebrate he’s asked me to put a few birthday pictures on his blog, so as his ever obedient servant, I’m doing just that! Todd is now 2 1/2lbs in weight and is fast turning into a baby piglet!  Even so, he is up on his front legs now and barking like a big dog!  Heaven help us all when he opens his eyes, there’ll be no stopping this little man!  His head changes the most, when IRWS are born their noses and muzzles are squashed and their heads almost round without definition, he now has a pronounced muzzle and nose, his ears are lying further back on his head and beginning to flatten and his eyes are shaping underneath the lids.  He has such a strong, thick tail and a belly to rival Buddha!  He had his first night sleeping alone with his mummy last night, we were very anxious about leaving them alone, so Shaun set his alarm clock for 3 a.m. and sneaked in to check all was well.

Flick is now eating well again, she went off her food for a few days and would only be hand fed cooked (warm) chicken or lamb, but yesterday she ate a good tea with the other dogs and again this morning she was out running then had a good breakfast.  She is beginning to leave him for slightly longer periods during the day and yesterday afternoon had a short sunbathing session with us and the other dogs, so at the moment all is rosy in Todd’s little world.

003 006 007

Day 5 – Todd’s life story

Well, our little man is 5 days old today and he is changing so much day by day.  Weighing in this morning at 2lb 2ozs he is growing steadily and well.  In the photo of his face you will notice that his nose pigment is beginning to come in – red and white setters are not born with nose pigment, it begins to come in any time from 5 days old – you can notice a faint outline of his nose and a little tiny dot right in the middle.  On the side of his left nostril a small freckle is beginning to appear, again they have no freckling on their muzzles or their legs, so day by day we are seeing these small changes as he begins to mature.  Obviously his ears and eyes are still tight shut but again, we can begin to see eye movement behind the lids.

He whizzes around his box, bearing in mind that it is 4ft in length he motors from side to side at an alarming rate, looking for his cuddlies.  If Todd is on one side of the box and his cuddlies are on the other it’s not long before he’s sussed that out and found his way across to them!

The milk bar is in constant use and boy, is he noisy, he has no table manners as yet, but he is so cute he’s forgiven anything!  When he wants mum he barks until she listens and snuggles down with him, all in all, he is a total time waster and a constant delight to Day 5 (1)us all.Day 5 (3)

Day 3 – Spot the puppy

I nearly had a heart attack!  Flick wanted to go out for a run around the field on this beautiful morning, and when I went to get her, Todd was no where to be seen!! Then I spotted the little chap, snuggled into his ‘brothers and sisters’, just so cute, he wriggles his way into the midst of all the soft toys we have put in his bed and I’m sure he thinks they are his siblings!

Day 3 - spot the puppy (2) Day 3 - spot the puppy (1)

Welcome to the world Todd!

Well, what a night we had on Sunday – Mothering Sunday to be precise!  Flick was restless all evening and eventually at 9.15 p.m. she gave birth to an enormous puppy, weighing in at 1lb 4 oz, – a normal birth weight for an IRWS is around the 12 – 14 oz mark, so as you can imagine, it made her eyes water!  Then we waited, and waited, and waited, midnight came and went, no more puppies, 2 a.m. came and went, no more puppies.  Eventually at about 2.30 I called the vet who said ‘bring her in’, so off we go, little Todd wrapped in a blanket with a hot water bottle.  Flick is shaved and scanned to reveal………… nothing! No more puppies – what a surprise!
Anyway, home we came at about 4 a.m. absolutely shattered with our precious little bundle.  Flick is a doting and devoted mummy, as you can see from the pictures.  Todd is going to be one very spoilt and much loved baby.

Day 2 (1) I'll guard you son Clever girl Mummy's precious bundle (1) Mummy's precious bundle (2)