Georgia’s progress Part 2

Georgia is much brighter and enjoying the fine weather out and about, running in the field.  However, she is still not firm in her motions despite being fed on white rice and egg, so this morning I telephoned your vet, who has put her up some pro kaolin paste and immodium tablets.  She has had her first dose at Saturday lunch time, which will (hopefully) clear her gut of any remaining nasties.  She has enough pro kaolin to last for a course of three days and will have her last dose on Monday morning before you collect her.

Georgia’s progress

As promised Georgia’s progress to date.  When we spoke yesterday Georgia had emptied herself and spent a reasonably quiet day.  By the afternoon she was feeling much brighter and enjoyed a run out in the fields.  She has only had very small meals, sprinkled with Heal! which helps settle upset tummies.  Again we left her bedroom door open throughout the night, this morning she is still slightly loose and is just having white rice with a small egg stirred through, in very small quantities.  We will feed her three small meals daily until her stools have firmed up again.