Baby Millie’s First Visit

This was Millie the Cocker Spaniel’s first visit to us, a sweet little baby of just 20 weeks, it was all a bit overpowering to start with.  She had her playtime with some other gorgeous little dogs we have in at the same time, and gradually she came out of her shell.  Starting by hiding behind Sue whenever she felt unsure, after about 10 minutes she was joining in with all the games and had a wonderful time.  This is the way to introduce young puppies to a new situation, gradually and without any pressure.  Millie went home this morning happy and tired after learning a whole new experience.  See you soon Millie!!!009 014 018 012 013 019

Delightful Ben enjoying his holiday

We have the most lovely Irish Red and White Setter staying with us at the moment.  It seems very strange to have an IRWS on the other side of the fence!!  But Ben definitely knows what he is and loves to chat to our girls on the other side!

He’s such a lovely gentleman, and is enjoying life again with his new family in Teignmouth – we hope we’ll see lots more of him in the future.001 004 007 017 005 009 014 028


Georgia – Operation? What operation?

Georgia is absolutely back to normal.  She is eating her ‘pate’ with relish, can’t get enough of it, she’s nearly taken it out of the bowl before it’s been put down!  She didn’t poo for 24 hours after she came in, only did little wees, but now she’s moving beautifully!!!  In another couple of days we will introduce some softened biscuit into her diet, which will make her feel a bit more satisfied with her meals.

She potters around the field quietly enjoying the fresh air and gorgeous sunshine.

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Ollie’s holiday (again!)

Well hi there mum, here I am again.  My servants tried to upload a blog yesterday but something went wrong and they couldn’t get the pictures up, so I’m hoping they’ll do better today.

Do you remember me telling you about my friend Tilly, well here are a few photos of her with me.  I’m actually quite smitten with her and she and I are such good friends.  We share an enormous play area but the servants keep sending me off to my own bedroom at night when I’d far rather cuddle  up in her bed, they are so boring………..!

Anyway here are some pictures, I hope you’re enjoying your holiday as much as I am.

Lots of love Ollie  xxx

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Ollie’s holiday

Hi Mum!!  I’m having the best fun, I’ve got loads of new friends and I’m spending my time playing with my brand new best friend Dinozzo.  He and I are sharing everything – my ball, his bone, the sandpit etc…

I was feeling a bit sad when you left me and I started to cry so very soon Shaun decided I might like a buddy and I’m now very happy in a shared run with Tilly, a Cavalier King Charles.  I must admit I would quite like to share her bedroom but Shaun and Sue say I don’t know her well enough to be sharing bedrooms – they’re such spoilsports!!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures – when they could catch me! – of me and my gang.

P.S.  I hope you’re enjoying your holiday. Lots of love    Ollie xxxOllie and friends Ollie and friends01 Ollie and friends02 011 013 015 016 021