Sh. Ch. Corranroo Celtic Breeze over Courtdown Sh.CM – our darling Lily

Yesterday was the hardest day as we had to say good bye to our beautiful, darling girl – Lily.  She had been developing inoperable mammary tumours for nearly a year and we knew the day was coming, but she kept bright and cheerful with her love for life right up to the end, when we knew her time had come.

Lily didn’t have a mean bone in her body, her tail was always wagging, she was everyone’s best friend.  She loved showing and was at her happiest in and around a show ring with Sue, greeting her public as she felt was her right.  Everyone who knew Lily couldn’t fail to be charmed by her sweet nature.  Her fans adored her.

She gave us just one beautiful litter of puppies, who we keep in touch with throughout their lives, and they are treasured and well loved pets.  Just two girlies from that litter went into the show ring, one our girl Dawn – Sh. Ch. Courtdown Beautiful Dawn – and the other Bree, owned by Ray and Debbie McDonald – Sh. Ch. Courtdown Summer Breeze over Roanjora.

She certainly kept a very close eye on her daughter Dawn’s two litters, making sure Dawn was ‘doing it right’ and stepping in with the children, as any doting grandma would.

She was always the matriach of the pack, never having to chastise as everyone knew their place.  They will now have to shuffle and re-group as they, and we, come to terms with the loss of our beautiful girl.

Yesterday the sun shone brightly all day and Lily lay in her favourite bed in the sunshine surrounded by her loving family as she was gently sent over the rainbow bridge to join our darling Finn and her mother Mandy who were waiting for her with open paws – sleep well, run free,  our darling girl.

Lilly head 1 Taunton June 2004 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IRWS 045 IRWS 072 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Love me please Very proud breeder and Mummy 2005 BCC Sh.Ch.Corranroo Celtic Breeze over Courtdown 2005OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA