Spring has sprung!

At last, the weather has become spring like and we have enjoyed a few beautiful days with the dogs able to go out and play in the play paddocks without the need for towelling down when they come in.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming some lovely new friends already this year and we hope we will be able to watch the youngsters grow up with regular visits.

The work done during the closure was all completed on time, we have replaced some of the entrances into a few of the bedrooms as well as new tiles on the floors of their runs.  Painting had to be done at intervals, as when the weather was cold the paint wouldn’t dry, then when it got warmer it started to sweat!  All good fun, but done and finished now and looking fresh for the coming year.

We have also revamped reception, making it much lighter and brighter with some gorgeous canvases of some of our guests on the walls.

All in all, our closure was (as usual) one of the busiest times for us here at Towsers and we’re always a bit anxious that all the work is done before we re-open, but again, our wonderful builder and painter didn’t let us down and everything was finished on time.

We look forward to showing it all off to you and to welcoming you to Towsers soon.