The last 3 to go!! And then there was one………..

The last of our babies left the nest just before Christmas, it was a sad farewell as they went, one by one and now we are left with Miss Madam Flick, who believes we are all put on this earth to serve her!!!  She’ll learn……!

Enjoy our last baby gallery, but I really hope their new mummies and daddies will continue to post photos of their own on this website as the babies grow.

and then there were 7………………

Our first baby was waved off to his new home in Yorkshire this week.  It is always tearful to watch them go and this was no exception.  His Mummy Dawn gave him a good wash before he went and kissed him goodbye at the car!  Apparently he travelled well and is settling in beautifully with his new companions.  Some photos are attached in this gallery, mainly of Red Boy (now called Fergal.)

6 weeks old

What a busy week our pups have had with visitors nearly every day.  Scott’s owner Carmen, came over from Switzerland and spent a couple of days with us.  Like us they couldn’t really choose between them, it is such a typey litter.  They are turning into real little dogs, with such personalities, we will be sad to see them go, but time is going so quickly, they will soon be waved off to their new homes, with still 2 lovely little boys wanting homes.