Out in the sunshine

For once we had a lovely sunny day and puppies had a whale of a time outside for 10 minutes – Rufus was No 1 down the ramp, closely followed by his sister Flick, then all the rest came tumbling out.  Big sister Fleur simply had to be in on the action and she played with them until they went back to bed exhausted!

Puppies’ best friend is now Uncle Jem who loves to hang his feet over the chair so that they can nibble his toes – what a softie!!

4 weeks old

Babies are now in their permanent quarters at the end of the kitchen until they go to their new homes.  They are eating well and leaving mum alone a bit now, for which she is eternally thankful as she is getting very sore.  Older sister Fleur has taken over nursery duty, as you will see from some of the attached gallery.  She adores her brothers and sister and spends all day playing with them and generally being a very good nanny!

Welcome to the puppy diary!

Here at Courtdown Setters we are having the best fun with our latest litter of adorable Red and White Setters, born on 22 October to Sh. Ch. Courtdown Beautiful Dawn and Spyefire May Spring Rainbow.

We have 7 beautiful dogs and 1 adorable little girl and are currently looking for homes for 3 boys.  These dogs have the most wonderful temperament, they are kind, loving, inquisitive, playful and very intelligent.  They love being part of a family, interacting with people and other dogs well.  They need mental stimulation and excel in anything that requires them to use their brains, they are very biddable, they love to learn and provided you give them stimulation they will reward you tenfold.

Enjoy the following galleries and follow their progress.


Scott – Spyefire May Spring Rainbow

I think it is time to post some photos of the proud father – Scott.      This very handsome young dog was bred in the UK by Suzanne Humphries of the well known Spyefire kennel.  Scott now lives in Switzerland with Carmen Lorenzi and as well as being a stunning show dog, Scott is crossing Europe working game.  He has his Austrian and Swiss Junior Champion titles and is now working towards becoming a full Champion in both Field and Show ring.

So many Firsts!

The last couple of days have seen so many firsts in the babies’ lives.  They had their first milky drink on Thursday which they loved and got all over me!  Today they have had their first trip from the nursery out to the kitchen into their halfway house with attached run!  They have also had their first really grown-up meal, puppy bix ground with milk – that went down a storm as you will see from the attached photo gallery!