Retail Sales

We stock and sell Skinners Field and Trial dry kibble, in 15kg bags and a variety of flavours.

It contains no beef, wheat, dairy or soya and is free from any artificial colourings and flavourings.


We provide a wide range of dog foods which cater for almost every dog, although there are always some on special diets and we are more than happy for them to bring their own food with them.

At Towsers we are always on hand to offer friendly helpful advice

We stock four different types of complete food, which will suit all types of dogs, those that need a low protein diet such as greyhounds need a different food to the busy working dogs, we understand diet and feeding routine and often offer advice to our customers regarding their dog's best requirements. We also keep tinned meat and mixer meals.  We can freeze food from home, we can cook rice, chicken etc., and we even handle tripe!!

We can cater for all breeds of dog large and small, old and young

Dog diet and nutrition is an area very close to Sue's heart and over the years Sue has gained a great deal of knowledge regarding the correct feeding regime, quantities and type of food suitable for various dogs. Advice is freely given and can often preclude an expensive trip to the vet by just altering the diet a little.

You Can Trust Towsers

"We are recommended by our local vets as being an excellent centre for dogs requiring specialist attention."

Contact details

Towsers Kennels
Deepy Park
Stoney Cross
North Devon
EX39 4PU

01271 858366

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The Facilities

Towsers is set in 2.5 glorious acres where your dog can have as much fun as it is possible to have.

Towsers is set in five glorious acres of North Devon Countryside

They can play with friends and toys in the play paddocks, have a go at doggy agility over some low fun jumps, just laze around under a shady tree or just have cuddles with Shaun or Sue.

The Salon

When the holiday is over and it's time to go home...

We have our own grooming salon at Towsers

a wash and brush up in our fully equipped salon will ensure that mummy and daddy will never know quite how much fun digging those holes was!

Agility jumps and treadmill

For anyone who wants to be a bit more adventurous there are a selection of low, fun jumps and weaving poles.

Towsers excellent facilities include agility jumps and treadmill

The dogs who have used them absolutely adore them, it's great fun, good exercise and great for bonding. 

We also have a canine treadmill which can be invaluable for dogs recovering from certain physical traumas, or older guests who don't feel up to walking too far, or younger ones who like a good workout.

All activities are untertaken under strict supervision and guidance

All these facilities are undertaken under strict supervision and whilst they can be great fun they cannot be used unless a dog is confident and happy.

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday

9 am - 11 am and

3 pm - 4pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays

9am to 10am only

All dogs MUST be brought into kennels during the morning opening times.

Dogs may be collected during either morning or afternoon opening times.

Our Kennels and Facilities at Towsers

Premier Luxury Boarding Kennels North Devon

The Kennels

Warm and comfortable luxury kennels and facilities

All kennels have full size doors – we hate pop holes! - from the bedrooms into the runs, and are fully tiled with double glazed windows. 

Their runs are covered for warmth and comfort but have open aspects to the fronts overlooking a spinney with a stream and adjoining fields.  This area is a haven for wildlife and dogs can spend many an hour watching the birds, squirrels and sometimes rabbits and foxes.  As all the kennels run side by side dogs can also see their neighbours through the secure side panelling which is again a nice way to get to know your fellows guests!

For the older residents or the more timid ones, the bedrooms are warm and cosy, situated at the rear of the runs, with under floor heating to warm older bones or simply to offer comfort to any new dogs who may be feeling a little insecure at leaving home for the first time.  There are also traditional bar kennel heaters in all the bedrooms which can be used in addition to the under floor heating. 

We also offer the DAP therapy plug ins for any that need just that little bit extra help adjusting to a new experience.  Just to complete the home from home feeling we have gripper rugs in both the bedrooms and the runs, so dogs can lie out in comfort playing with their toys or chewing on a bone.

The Daily Routine

Our day starts early, 6 am and the first walks are generally out and about by 6.30 .  Beds are made, bedrooms tidied up and the runs cleaned through, with rugs shaken, vacuumed and changed, if necessary.  Any bedding which needs freshening up is taken away and washed with clean bedding in it's place.

Our guests are cared for and looked after just like a hotel

Then comes breakfast, with all the different diets catered for, using our white board list of guests (just like a hotel!!).  Often medication is required, so that has to be administered correctly.  After breakfast we open at 9 am and for the rest of the morning there is a constant stream of new guests arriving and others going home.

All dogs are individually and lovingly cared for at Towsers luxury kennels in North Devon

Throughout the morning, whilst the kennels are open we are also doing our daily 'dog check'.  This is such an important time spent with all the dogs on a daily basis.  They are brushed and checked over for anything that might be worrying them, for example, itchy ears, knots in their coats, any strange lumps and bumps or skin sores. 

So many people don't realise how important it is to touch your dog on a daily basis, to familiarise yourself with his body, as some dogs are rarely touched, other than the odd pat, or have their lead put on or an occasional brush.  Then the owners wonder why their dog doesn't like having his ears inspected, or his feet picked up or his tail brushed – it is simply because they have never done it!  It is a great bonding exercise as well as an important part of a dog's daily routine and it is something we feel very strongly about.

Dogs always have fun in our spacious facilities and grounds

The kennels close at 11 am and it gives us a chance to get the dogs out and about in the play paddocks and have some fun – we all love this time of the day!  Some just laze around, others play with their toys and others play chase games with a bunch of friends.  We love to see happy, friendly, tired dogs at the end of the day.  From the paddocks we then take all the dogs out again for their 2nd structured walk of the day in twos and threes. 

We open again in the afternoon for the collection of dogs only between 3 pm and 4 pm. Then it's tea-time – hooray, one of the dogs' favourite times of the day.  After tea the evenings are spent lazing in the kennels, either in their runs or back in bed. Everyone is put to bed formally as the light fades with a night-night biccy and a cuddle, lights out, bedroom doors closed at the end of a busy day.  Then we wake up again the next day and do it all again....!


Puppies are our speciality

This is one of the best things about running a boarding kennel – we get to meet and play with all our guests and watch them grow from bouncy, naughty puppies into well adjusted, loving companions right through to the gorgeous OAPs that they all eventually become.  From the age of 20 weeks, puppies can come to visit and the sooner they start their kennelling lives, the better they enjoy it.

Puppies are our speciality, we have gained a wide reputation for being an excellent place for puppies to learn all the ropes when they leave their loving owners for their first big holiday.  We spend loads of extra time with them, helping with their toilet training, which involves letting them out regularly throughout the day, so they get used to using the garden for their toilet and not their bedroom! 

We socialise them with carefully selected dogs, who are gentle and kind and other puppies with whom they can rough and tumble.  We will do a little bit of basic training with them, if that is what their owners would like, but we never do anything that hasn't first had their owners approval.  We do ask that they bring in their own food from home whilst still youngsters as we don't want to upset their delicate tummies with a change of diet.

Kennelling Requirements

Before boarding your dog with us here at Towsers we like to talk to all our new and prospective owners in person, and whilst we are happy for you to contact us via e-mail initially, we do ask that you give us a phone call so we can discuss your (and our) exact requirements.

Any dog new to kennelling, or new to our kennels is offered a 24 hour mini-break, so that we can assess him to make sure he is happy with us and he gets to know the lay of the land, us and his routine before coming to enjoy his holiday. We will then give you an honest appraisal of his time with us. If we feel it is necessary we will offer a second 24 hour mini break, but usually one assessment is all that is needed. During this time we hope your pet will have had such a happy time that he will come in again for his holiday with a waggy tail, anxious to get on with the main issues in life - playing and having lots of cuddles and good fun!

We offer this mini break for a flat rate of £5 per kennel, so if you have two or three pets all sharing, it will just cost you £5.

We find this is an invaluable way of breaking the ice with new and, understandably, anxious owners, it gives them the reassurance that their beloved friend is going to have as happy a holiday here with us as they will be enjoying themselves!


Before any visit to our kennels your pet must be completely up to date with his vaccinations, which your vet will administer annually. If the vaccinations are allowed to lapse for over three months you will have to start the process from the beginning, which means you will need to allow at least one month before your pet comes into kennels.

In addition to the usual boosters, your dog will also have to have a kennel cough vaccination. As with the annual boosters, this is administered each year, but this is a vaccination you have to remember as your vet will not send out a reminder for this one. It is administered via a puff up the nostril and is a ‘live’ vaccine, which means it must be given a minimum of two weeks before coming into kennels, and longer if possible. This is the case every time you administer it, so it is important to remember to have it done well in advance of any possible booking.

We keep records of every dog’s vaccination history and we always remind our ‘regulars’ each year when their dog’s boosters and kennel cough vaccinations are due.

Parasitic Control

It is vitally important that your dog is kept up to date with his parasite and worming programmes.

ANY DOG WITH A PET PASSPORT MAY NOT BE KENNELLED FOR A MINIMUM OF ONE MONTH AFTER RETURNING TO THE UK. This is due to the relaxation in the law governing parasitic control of a dog when entering the UK and has led to a very worrying outbreak of the deadly tick borne infection called babesiosis. This is caused by ticks, which have only been found on the continent until recently, which latch on to your dog, whose system then attacks its own blood cells, causing anaemia, and unless it is treated immediately with blood transfusions it causes death.

So please be sure that an adequately effective parasite and worming programme is in place before boarding.

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