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"We will provide your best friend with the highest standards of care and attention."

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Towsers Kennels
Deepy Park
Stoney Cross
North Devon
EX39 4PU

01271 858366

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Special Needs

We are recommended by our local vets as being an excellent centre for dogs requiring specialist attention following accidents, injuries, operation recuperation etc., as our kennels are warm, large, light and comfortable.We are recommended by our local vetsThe atmosphere is calm and healing, we specialise in older dogs and have some guests well into their mid-teens who spend regular holidays with us.

We are happy to administer medication, which we understand and do with confidence.  Recuperation after operations is often best done under the supervision of a kennel situation, where we can closely monitor your dog's progress and tailor their exercise, feed and medication plan to suit their recovery.

We can also offer the services of a highly qualified McTimoney Animal Therapist, Helen Tompkins is second to none when it comes to diagnosing skeletal and muscular problems in dogs and again, is very happy to see her clients when in a kennel situation.

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday

9 am - 11 am and

3 pm - 4pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays

9am to 10am only

All dogs MUST be brought into kennels during the morning opening times.

Dogs may be collected during either morning or afternoon opening times.

All About Us

Premier Luxury Boarding Kennels North Devon

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple – happy pets equal happy owners, and happy owners make us happy.  As we have said many times to people visiting us for the first time and are (understandably) a little anxious about leaving such a treasured member of their family in our care, dogs are our life and we will do whatever it takes to ensure both you and your pet are totally at  ease with us.  Our repeat booking rate is testament to what we do here at Towsers with an over 90% rate of guests coming to us again and again.

Towsers will provide the highest standards of care and attention for your dog

Being dog owners and breeders ourselves we know how important that special member of your family is to you so every dog in our care is treated as an individual with as much love and kindness as is possible to give, and that fact has built us a reputation as North Devon's most favoured boarding Kennel.

Shaun and Sue Blackmore
Who are we?

If you cut Sue in half you would see the word DOG running right through me.  There has never been a time in my life when dogs haven't featured prominently.  I am a West Country farmer's daughter and grew up surrounded by animals.  My twin passions from a toddler were dogs and horses and I have photos of me sitting on the lawn at home covered with Jack Russell Terriers and Alsatians!  We had many different breeds of dogs when I was growing up, Border Collies (always!), Jack Russells, German Shepherds, Labradors, New Zealand Huntaways and in later life my father bred Border Terriers.  I started showing our Jack Russells at the local Companion Shows when I was about 6 years old, got completely bitten by the bug and the competition and have carried on showing and breeding all my life since.  When I grew up and left home I became more involved with English Springer Spaniels, which Shaun and I kept and bred for more than 20 years.  After my 'heart' dog died, I felt I simply couldn't have another Springer so we met and fell in love with the most glorious breed of dog – The Irish Red and White Setter, we now have 4, including two Show Champions.

Breeders of Irish Red and White Setters

Shaun and Sue have known each other all their lives but only married in 1994.  I knew that a life with Sue was always going to feature dogs more strongly than anything else and luckily I feel the same way!

Between us we have cared for other people's dogs for over 25 years, 15 of those years being at Towsers.  We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about dogs, their welfare, diet, health and training and are often called upon to advise on canine matters.  Sue runs a one-to-one clinic for owners with doggy problems and a weekly Obedience class at Towsers, which has proved really popular.

Why Choose Towsers?

When you choose us you are safe in the knowledge that not only have you chosen a kennel with first class facilities, but you have also chosen two people who will love your dog as their own, who will help and guide you with any problems, worries or questions you may have, who will offer you their valuable knowledge in all matters canine, and who will provide your best friend with the highest standards of care and attention during his holiday.

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