Courtdown Irish Red & White Setters

Courtdown Irish Red and White Setters

"We adore our dogs, they are our life and our ambition is to continue to promote a very vulnerable, native Breed and to see it flourish again. "

Courtdown Setters - assured breeders of Irish Red & White Setters

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Courtdown Setters  Members of the Irish Red & White Setter Club of Great Britain

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Towsers Kennels
Deepy Park
Stoney Cross
North Devon
EX39 4PU

01271 858366

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Fantastic Pets

"Irish Red and White Setters make fantastic pets, have the most gentle and loving of natures, but are also excellent at the job they were bred for, game work."

Opening Times

Monday to Saturday

9 am - 11 am and

3 pm - 4pm

Sundays and Bank Holidays

9am to 10am only

All dogs MUST be brought into kennels during the morning opening times.

Dogs may be collected during either morning or afternoon opening times.

Courtdown Setters Award Winners

Welcome to Courtdown setters - Where Top Quality Dogs are Bred with Care and Love

The North Devon home of our Irish Red & White Setters
Top Breeders 2011 - Top Stud Dog 2014 - Top Brood Bitch 2014

About Us

We are Shaun and Sue Blackmore and we live in the heart of the most glorious countryside in North Devon.  We own Towsers Country Boarding Kennels and we in turn, are owned by our five Irish Red and White Setters - Jem, Dawn, Fleur and Flick.

When we get a spare few moments from the busy day-to-day running of the kennels, all our time is taken up with the Setters. We show at the highest level, with our Dawn taking the Top Bitch prize at Crufts twice and Reserve Best Bitch once, as well as many other major awards. All our pups have been happy, healthy and strong and we strive to keep in contact with every one of 'our' owners, meaning we watch our puppies growing up into gorgeous, well adjusted family pets, show dogs, at home on the couch or out in the field.

The Irish Red and White setter BreedCourtdown Setters based in Bideford North Devon

We adore our dogs, they are our life and our ambition is to continue to promote a very vulnerable, native Breed and to see it flourish again.  Numbers of these dogs have dwindled over the past 10 years, and whilst the breed has nearly died out a couple of times, it has been pulled back from the brink by dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate breeders. We now want to continue with each passing generation to build on that revival, producing healthy, multi-purpose dogs, who will appeal to a wide variety of owners.

Showing our setters

We continue to show but sadly have noticed the numbers in the show ring have dropped dramatically in recent years.  This is, in the main, our shop window and we need more people to recognise the extreme versatility that these dogs offer.  They are fantastic pets, have the most gentle and loving of natures, but are also excellent at the job they were bred for , game work.  There is nothing more glorious than watching a setter scenting and working hard, using their beautiful bodies to indicate prey.  They can excel in the show ring as their colouring and long, flowing coats of pearly white with chestnut patches make them extremely eye-catching.  They love agility and obedience work, their intelligence means that they learn their lessons very quickly. 

As pets they must have some form of mental stimulation as they can become bored if they are left on their own for long periods of time, so are ideally suited to a household with lots going on and people with plenty of time and love to give them.


We are a small kennel where litters are bred with thorough research, thought and care. We have a duty of care to this vulnerable breed to make sure all breeding programmes are undertaken with the welfare and promotion of the IRWS at the forefront of any breeding plans. As such we have had some extremely successful and sound litters, the puppies from which have gone on to bring joy and delight to all their owners, with a considerable amount of success in the show ring. We were delighted and honoured to be the proud owners of both the Top IRWS Stud Dog in 2014 and the Top IRWS Brood Bitch, also in 2014 with Jem and Dawn.

Our Fleur (Sh. Ch. Courtdown Beautiful Dancer) has proved herself to be highly successful in the Show ring, continuing to win Challenge Certificates at the highest level, whilst her sister in Finland, became a World Winner and another sister won her first Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at Championship Level in 2014.

Fleur delighted us with a beautiful litter of 9 puppies in September 2015, 5 bitches and 4 dogs, all of whom have now found their happy, forever homes with new owners, whom we hope we shall keep in touch with for many years to come. We wish them all continued delight with their new best friends.

From this litter we have kept a litter girl - Courtdown Star of Devon, or Hetty to her friends! She is a monkey, as all young IRWS are, but makes us laugh constantly.

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