Coutdown Setters Top Breeders 2011 - Irish Red & White Setters
Courtdown Setters of Bideford North Devon - Kennel Club Assured Breeders of Irish Red & White Setters
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Courtdown Setters of Bideford North Devon - Member of the Southern Society for Irish Red & White Setters

Courtdown Setters Award WinnersCourtdown - the North Devon Home of Irish Red & White Setters Courtdown setters - Our dogs

Courtdown Setters - Our Dogs

The North Devon home of our Irish Red & White Setters
Top Stud Dog 2014 - Top Brood Bitch 2014 - Top Breeders 2011

Top Stud Dog 2014 & Top Brood Bitch 2014

Courtdown Setters Award Winners

Top Breeders 2011

Top Breeders of Irish Red & White Setters 2011

We are proud to announce that we have been awarded 'Top Breeders' of Irish Red & White Setters for 2011.

Sue Blackmore from Courtdown Setters is absolutely thrilled:

"It is a privilege and a delight to be owned by our wonderful gang. They exist to please us, they love us unconditionally and we have been rewarded with beautiful puppies and considerable success in the show ring. Sh Ch Courtdown Beautiful Dawn has twice been Top Bitch in Breed at Crufts and we hope to have a second litter from her later in 2012."


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Our Dogs

We  have owned this delightful, naughty breed since 1997 when our first IRWS came into our lives from a breeder in North Somerset.


RACING HAWK OVER COURTDOWN (AKA FINN)Finn - Courtdown Irish Red & White Setters

Born: 16th May 1997
Died : 14th November 2010

The best friend a dog could be, my beloved Finn. Sleep well, my darling.

He was swiftly followed 6 months later by a bitch from our good friends Graham and Jacque Bayne – of the Corranroo Kennel – from Lincolnshire.  This pair was Finn (Racing Hawk over Courtdown) and Grace (Corranroo Caviar of Courtdown) who were naughtiness personified! Almost immediately the breed got under our skins with their intelligence, belligerence and enormous capacity for fun.


CORRAROO CAVIAR OF COURTDOWN (AKA GRACE) Grace - Courtdown Irish Red & White Setters

Born: 6th December 1997
Died : 30th January 2007

Taken from us far too young, she had so much to give and gave us the bug to carry on.

Grace was bought with the intention of showing, which she did with some moderate success at Championship level, and to have a litter from in order to start my own Courtdown line.  Sadly, at age 3, Grace developed a pyometra following a season and had to be spayed, so no puppies. 

We purchased our 2nd bitch from Scotland – Mitzi (Anisbrig Brackla), who came home with high hopes, but one week after she arrived with us she lost an eye due to a blood disorder, which continued to bother her throughout her life, so no puppies there either!


Jacque and Graham were breeding another litter and offered me the pick of the litter – enter our gorgeous, butter-wouldn't-melt, Lily (Corranroo Celtic Breeze).  Lily stole our hearts immediately, everyone adored her, she has not a mean bone in her body and only exists to please.


Born: 10th October 2002

Died : 11th January 2014

9 CCs - 5 RCCs - 2 BOBs - 4 Best Veterans - 4 Best in Show One litter (6 bitches, 1 dog) to Sh. Ch. Taniswood Dawn Greeter in 2005. Still loving life, not shown now, just an appearance at Crufts each year to the delight of her many fans - Lily is the IRWS' favourite.

  She soon showed her excellent breed type in the show ring and began winning from an early age.  Her first Challenge Certificate came in April 2005 at WELKS, under Dr. Ron James,  followed 6 days later by her 2nd.  At Birmingham National under Ann Millington. The 3rd Challenge Certificate was gained on 24th September in the same year at Gundog Society of Wales under Joyce Webb, this gave her her Show Champion title, the day after she had also gained her Show Certificate of Merit title.

On 18th November the same year she presented us with a lovely litter of 7 puppies, sired by Sh. Ch. Taniswood Dawn Greeter – 6 bitches and 1 dog.

We lost our darling girl in January 2014, aged just 11. She was the joy in our hearts and the light in our lives, she gave us more than she could ever know, being the start of our beautiful Courtdown line. Run free our special one, thank you for everything.


We kept a bitch – Dawn -  Courtdown Beautiful Dawn – who showed almost immediately the promise she had inherited from her mother and father and was soon winning in the ring. 

SH.CH. COURTDOWN BEAUTIFUL DAWN (AKA DAWN) Dawn - Courtdown Irish Red & White Setters

Born: 16th November 2005

hips score: 3:6 Eyes: clear and unaffected 2011

11 CCs - 5 RCCs - 2 BOBs - 4 Best in Show

Dawn has given us two lovely litters, the first litter of 12 (10 bitches and 2 dogs) to our dog Jem, the second a litter of 8 (7 dogs and 1 bitch) to Int. Sh. Ch. Spyefire May Spring Rainbow.

Dawn is still being shown, but possibly only until the end of the year when she will make way for her daughter and just make her annual appearance at Crufts - like her mum - until she becomes a Veteran, then maybe she'll come out and about a bit more again.

Dawn was (and still is) a real monkey, but oh so loving.  She absolutely adores and worships Sue, who is the centre of her Universe. 

If Sue is around everything is right with the world!  In the ring she shows her heart out and has such ring presence, demanding to be noticed, which she has been at the highest level.  Her first Challenge Certificate came at age 23 months from Eileen Walker at Gundog Society of Wales, her 2nd CC came at Crufts in 2008 under Clive Davies and her 3rd  CC was at the Southern Society show the same year under Kathy Gorman, giving her her Show Champion title before her 3rd birthday!  She has won consistently over the years, and in 2009 produced a wonderful litter of 12 beautiful, healthy, perfect puppies to our dog Taniswood Dirty Dancer at Courtdown.

In 2012 she gave us a second litter of 8, to Int.Sh.Ch. Spyefire May Spring Rainbow, owned by Carmen Lorenzi from Switzerland, 7 boys and one little girl, Flick – Courtdown Felicia Fredrika. In 2014 Dawn was honoured with the award Top IRWS Brood Bitch 2014, due to the exceptional offspring she has produced from her two litters. She has now retired from the show ring and is more than happy to spend her later years doing what she loves most – following Sue around and mooching about in the fields!


Which brings us to Jem – Taniswood Dirty Dancer at Courtdown. 


Born: 20th May 2008
hips score: 4:5 Eyes: clear and unaffected 2011


Jem has proved to be an extremely popular and strong stud dog, siring some excellent litters to date, starting with his first litter to Dawn. His progeny are excelling in the show ring - with two Show Champions, one Junior Warrant and many Challenge Certificates being won by his children - in the field (doing what comes naturally to a Setter) and in the Obedience and Agility rings. His wonderful temperament and superb construction has shone through in his progeny. Jem - Courtdown Irish Red & White Setters

He is the most affectionate, lovable and laid-back dog we have owned. No one can fail to be charmed by him. He passes his adorable temperament on to his children as well as many other attributes. Although not really shown now he is a valuable asset to our breed.

Jem came to us in July 2008 from the Taniswood Kennel owned by Chris Goldsmith and Alison Brown.  He was one of 14 puppies from their bitch Taniswood Who's That Girl.  Such a strong, solid, good natured pup, in my mind a real old-fashioned sort, just what the breed needs.  Jem did really well in the show ring as a youngster, but started to cause Sue problems in her back and she was diagnosed with osteopenia.  Being such a strong, big dog she found she was unable to show both him and Dawn.  Jem, being the laid back, gentle natured dog that he is, he was quite unconcerned about being left behind when the others went off to a show, much preferring to mooch around at home keeping the oldies and the kennel dogs company!

His lovely construction and temperament made him an ideal stud dog, and he and Dawn produced the most lovely litter of pups in November 2009.  Jem adored his children and spent as much time in the box with them as their mother, and as they grew up he was always with them, gently playing and allowing them to crawl all over him! 

He has used at stud a few times to a select few ‘ladies’, resulting in some beautiful litters, many of his progeny have gone on to do exceedingly well in the show ring, in the field and on various couches throughout the country!!


Fleur is her mother's daughter to a tee and becomes more like Dawn with every passing day, but has her father's sweet, gentle and loving nature at home. She is elegant and flashy with boundless energy and enthusiasm. She is never happier than when she is swimming in the sea, chasing seagulls or racing across the moors!

She makes us smile every day and is another valued, much loved and treasured member of our family.


Born: 18th November 2009
hips Score: 3:3

8 CCs - 4 RCCs - 4 BOB's - 2 Best in ShowFleur - Courtdown Irish Red & White Setters - 1 Gundog Group 3 Winner

Fleur won her first Challenge Certificate at age just 21 months at Richmond Championship Show, then she took her 2nd and 3rd Challenge Certificates at two back to back Championship Shows in the summer of 2013, gaining her Show Champion title.

This is our beautiful young lady from Dawn and Jem’s litter of 12, born in November 2009.She moved into Post Graduate Bitch classes in May 2011 and has won all she has entered apart from a 2nd at one Champ Show.

Not shown much as a youngster, she came out in style as a Junior, winning many of her classes at Championship level and qualifying herself for Crufts at her first show! 

2014 proved an amazing year for Fleur, she couldn't put a paw wrong in the show ring and won award after award, with an absolute highlight when she gained a Group placing at Three Counties Championship Show under Group Judge Mrs Julia Iles-Hibbert.

In September 2015 Fleur delighted us with a beautiful litter of 9 puppies, 5 bitches and 4 dogs, to Sh. Ch. Zymore Irish Cream, all healthy and happy, enjoying life with their new mummies and daddies.


This little madam is naughtiness personified, all wrapped up in a neat little butter-wouldn't-melt-in-my-mouth package!


Born: 16th November 2012

Introducing Flick, the only bitch puppy from Dawn's second litter to Int Sh Ch Spyefire May Spring Rainbow which produced 7 dogs and 1 bitch.

Flick - Courtdown Irish Red & White Setters

Flick is so full of fun, loves showing, has started her career quite well with one Best Puppy in Breed at the National Gundog Championship Show and one Best in Show at a local club show. 2014 will be an interesting year for Flick when she moves up with the 'bigger girls'!

Being the only girl with seven brothers has given her bags of attitude and loads of bubbling personality that she has difficulty in knowing how to deal with.

She is certainly keeping us all on our toes with her antics, we look forward to seeing if she ever calms down.............!

As expected this little pocket rocket lives life to the full, she is the most energetic little madam we have owned, but what a sweet, loving nature. In March 2015 Flick and Jem became the proud parents of one enormous baby boy!!!  We named him Todd and he was totally spoilt by everyone in the household, canine and human alike!  Todd found his forever home with a showing family and is enjoying his new career in the show ring.


Introducing Fleur’s daughter Hetty, who has the gorgeous, butter-wouldn’t-melt- attitude of her mum and who has stolen our hearts completely!


Born: 20th September 2015

Courtdown Setters Devon - Hetty

This is a delightful little girl from Fleur’s only litter to Sh. Ch. Zymore Irish Cream, when they produced 5 girls and 4 boys.  Hetty took our hearts from Day 1 and has an outgoing, happy personality.

So far she is beginning to learn ring craft and obedience and takes to her lessons well.  She is such a delight to own, the adult dogs, of course adore her, but she can get a bit over boisterous and gets put in her place by Grandma Dawn if she oversteps the mark!

We look forward to fun times ahead with her.